Check it out, I made art (a webcomic).
Today page info

The today page was made using Wunderground's awesome API,'s awesome API, a simple script that checks the day against a list of webcomics that I added and then a quite complicated script that I had to write since shirt.woot doesn't have an API -.-
Today page

So the today page is getting sorta neat. That's nice I guess.
Oh come on prolog!


Scrolling links

So it turns out that you can automatically scroll down to a div of your choice by just appending #[divname] to a url. That is ultra-neat.

So, if this works, this link should take you to the bottom of the page, and the first blog post. Also, being ultra lazy, I added a link at the bottom of the page to go to the top.
Fuck Prolog 09/07/12

TV Shows 09/07/12

Used trakt's neat, but sadly quite slow, API to set up a page to track my TV shows.
Fuck Prolog 09/07/12

6th of September, 2012 - Running out of time

Soon the supply of dates on this island will be exhausted. And I fret thinking about what will happen next.

People are already turning on one another.
2012-09-05 20:47 CEST

Am I allowed to make that my thing. Different date formats every post? I guess that's sort of lame but I find it funny.

It has come to my attention that I should probably keep new stuff at the top, so that's fixed now.

So, first actual entry. It's September 5th at 1900 hours.

None of the custom fonts on this webpage would have been here to prettify it if it wasn't for Font Squirrel's awesome @font-face generator tool. I didn't really need the CSS, but their hinting is what made the fonts not look like caca on Windows.

So yeah, major props to Font Squirrel.
Captain's Log, second entry, stardate -311679.77

So yeah, same time and date, just wanted to do the Star Trek bit.
First post

So the idea is that this is where I write down stuff that I'm currently thinking about or something.

Not a blog. More like a micro-blog. But not twitter.

I obviously had to set this hipstery theme because I'm really cool and underground and whatnot.
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